Additional Vacuuming Disclosure/ Conditions

During the cleaning process, with water in the pool, a portion of the cleaning material and scale particles will remain suspended in the water. These will eventually fall to the floor or be picked up by the filtration system. The quantities are so minimal that there is no effect. Additional vacuuming and back washing of the system may be necessary by home owner or other serviceman, this avoids a second trip charge on Their part.

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Pebbletech Disclosure/Conditions

Their method in removing the scale build up on Pebbletech surfaces is very effective, and does accomplish a great improvement, however because it is so porous, it cannot be 100% cleaned of all scale. It would take additional work involving “acid” to wash out the scale from between the tiny pebbles, and this would involve more cost, and possible erosion of the binder material.They would need to discuss performing the acid work and it may require a waiver.


Tile Disclosure /Conditions

The affordability of the service to remove the “scale” off tile means the method predominantly used by most “Tile Cleaners”, is air pressure. It is the least costly method, and much like other cleaning methods, when you clean a hard surface, there is a chance for a slight wear of the surface. It is normal using this process. Depending on the age of the tile, methods previously used, how many times cleaned, and thickness of the “scale”, the effects may or may not be noticeable Waiver.

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